Manchester event videography

Conferences, exhibitions and other events go hand in hand with video content. As expert event videographers based in central Manchester, we can help you bottle the atmosphere, share the key messages, and build hype for the next instalment. At Studio 91, we offer high-quality, friendly, bespoke event videography services for a broad range of events all over Manchester and beyond. You’ve worked hard to organise the event and get people to attend, so it makes sense to get as much content out of it as possible – from highlights videos to vox pop interviews to social media clips.

So, why work with Studio 91? Here’s four big reasons…

Event highlights videos, delivered that day

We pride ourselves on high quality, quick turnaround edits. If you need a highlights video ready to release by 4pm, no stress, we’ve got you! Our on-site editor will pull together excellent content in record time for your email campaign and social media.

After the event we’ll get to work cutting even more content for you. We want you to squeeze as much additional content out of the event as possible, to deliver the best possible value for money. We’re talking short social clips, interview snippets, timelapses, B-roll reels – giving you plenty of content to scatter throughout the year.

Screengrab of event videography showing a large audience watching a speaker on stage

Friendly, professional production team

You can trust our video crew to get the job done, from exhibition B-roll to delegate interviews to fancy stuff with drones and timelapses.

We’re a compact and efficient team but we can add, subtract and adapt to meet the needs and scale of your event. We’ve done everything from small panel discussions to major exhibitions at the ExCel.

We’ll discuss all your requirements in advance, so that you don’t need to worry mid-event when you’re busy with a million other things. Relax, it’s all taken care of. Go and help that exhibitor who’s run out of stickers.

Screengrab of an interview clip with a woman in the foyer of an arts venue, with other conference delegates milling around behind

Central Manchester event videography

The Studio 91 office is based near Deansgate Station. In other words, we can walk to Manchester Central and HOME within five minutes, and we’re close to plenty of other super cool Manchester venues.

Being so close means we can be agile and responsive, bring in extra support if needed. It also means our carbon footprint for Manchester event videography is tiny: we’re literally just walking up the road.

Screengrab of a timelapse video showing people arriving at the front entrance of Manchester Central Convention Complex

Purpose-driven video production

We pride ourselves on producing video that’s good for people, good for platforms and good for the planet: that’s what we call the Studio 91 Manifesto. As a company that genuinely cares about putting people and planet before profit, and a Certified B CorpTM, we are very keen to partner with conferences who share those values.

If you’re planning a conference or event in Manchester or nearby, contact us here or book an appointment with Ben. We’d love to have a chat about all things video!