Stockport video production

Studio 91 is proudly part of the Stockport business community, with local legends like St Ann’s Hospice and Manchester Fertility included amongst our clients. We can shoot interviews, promo videos, event highlights, corporate explainers and more. Our video production services include everything from shooting to editing to drone operation to full-service video production.

For us, it’s not just about producing good video; it’s about producing video that does good. So that we can make a difference, instead of just filling social media with more noise. Our Studio 91 Manifesto explains more about our mission and values. There are a lot of video production companies to choose from in Stockport and Greater Manchester, but we pride ourselves on putting purpose and impact first, instead of chasing likes and views.

Watch our Studio 91 Manifesto to find out more about what we do, and why we do it.

Highly experienced video producers in the Stockport borough

Studio 91 was established in 2018 and is run by a core team of video producers, along with a crack roster of freelance creative professionals. We can create high-quality video content faster and cheaper than a traditional studio, because each client is looked after by one dedicated multi-skilled creator, who knows that client’s brand, story and team inside out. We’re friendly and easy to work with, and we find that goes a long way. If you’ve got an idea for a video production project that you’d like to bounce off us, please get in touch. We’re always happy to sit down and chat things through, whether on the phone, on Zoom, or over a brew at Rhode Island Coffee in Stockport.

Here’s a couple of recent examples of our video production work for Stockport clients:

We produce video content regularly for St Ann’s Hospice. This charity is one of Stockport’s greatest assets, but it needs to raise around £20,000 per day to keep running.
The headteacher at Hazel Grove Primary School had the brilliant idea of asking pupils to read out a poem about the school. Together with footage around the school and a few drone shots, it paints a beautiful picture of school life.

Let’s chat

If you’re a charity or purpose-driven business in the Stockport area, then we’d love to talk to you about how we can tell your story through video production. Send us an email or book a meeting, and let’s get started!

Header photo courtesy of the Instilled Stockport Photo Library.