The Studio 91 Manifesto

We want to create video content that is good for people, good for platforms and good for the planet.

Video has the power to change the world, for better or for worse. It can tear down, or it can build up. It can speak truth to power, or it can spread fake news. Studio 91 cuts through the social media mess with bold, compelling, meaningful stories. Keep reading to find out more about our values…

We do gritty, not glossy

To be clear, we think quality and excellence are vitally important. But in this day and age, too much of the media we consume is so shiny that it feels airbrushed, shallow and fake. We combine slick camerawork and editing with BBC-trained journalistic skills, to make sure we’re focusing on being honest, not just being pretty.

Gritty, not glossy. A behind-the-scenes mini documentary about the unsung heroes of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra: their father-and-son stage management team.

We do people, not products

We don’t (generally) make product promo videos. If that’s what you need, we can recommend some other companies who will do a great job for you. We’re much more interested in people – the people who make up your organisation, and the people whose lives are touched by the work you do. If the main purpose of your brand is to sell more products and make more money, chances are your values are not aligned with ours.

People, not products. TOWIE’s Bright family put their social media lives on hold for a good old-fashioned family dinner at Prezzo.

We do storytelling, not selling

Our favourite projects are the ones where we can really take the time to get to know our client, and what they have to offer. We love collaborating with clients to figure out what their video content is going to look like. We’ll work with you on the script, if a formal script is even necessary (spoiler – it often isn’t).

Storytelling, not selling: two of Moorside’s brilliant pupils show us around their incredible school.

We do real

We want to be honest and transparent about everything we do. When we say we’re committed to Carbon Literacy, and that we travel to local shoots by bike, we mean it. Honesty is one of our most important values. That’s why the content we make for clients is always thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy and maintain our clients’ reputation.

We do real. A heartfelt thank-you from the people of Bury to all its carers, paid and unpaid.

We do raw

We’re not an ad agency, neither are we a Hollywood film studio. Our work tends to have more of a documentary style, informed by Ben’s BBC journalism training. Sometimes we don’t film anything at all, instead editing footage that our clients or their supporters/customers have shot on their phones. This makes our work feel honest and authentic, which helps it feel native on social media.

We do raw. St Ann’s Hospice had lots of phone footage shot by their staff and supporters at previous Manchester Midnight Walk events. Together with still images, a slick edit and a few graphics, the result is a piece of video content that feels authentic with just the right amount of polish.

We do social video with purpose

If we could sum up what we’re about in one sentence, it would be this: we want to create video content that is good for people, good for platforms and good for the planet.

Ben Horrigan standing with Studio 91's cargo bike. The bike is full of video production equipment.
Studio 91 is a silver Carbon Literate Organisation.