The Studio 91 Manifesto

We want to create video content that is good for people, good for platforms and good for the planet.

Video has the power to change the world, for better or for worse. It can tear down, or it can build up. It can speak truth to power, or it can spread fake news. Studio 91 cuts through the social media mess with bold, compelling, meaningful stories. We are social video producers with a social purpose.

Our aim is to make content that is:

Good for people

For too long, business have been operating on the understanding that profit is the most important thing. Success has been about performance, productivity and pounds sterling. That’s not really how we do things. We genuinely care about our team, our clients and the people who watch the content we produce. After all, good business is born of genuine human relationships.

We’re proud to work with clients who share our values of putting people and planet ahead of profits.

Here’s how we make content that’s good for people:

  • We treat our staff and freelancers like family
  • We seek clients who we can build a close working relationship with
  • We consider the impact our content will have on the people watching it

Good for platforms

Social media is a mess. We’re not here to fill it with more mind-numbing junk. We look for clients with inspiring, shareable stories, and simply help tell them. We combine slick camerawork and editing with BBC-trained journalistic skills, making sure we’re focusing on being honest, not just being pretty.

A heartfelt thank-you from the people of Bury to all its carers, paid and unpaid.

Good for platforms means:

  • We never make content that is dishonest or false
  • We seek to make a positive impact online
  • We make content that is true, right and excellent, and we turn down projects that are unlikely to meet this standard

Good for the planet

As a small business, our impact on the planet is clearly much smaller than that of a multinational oil company. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our bit – after all, SMEs make up half of the UK’s private sector economy.

We’re always looking for new ways to bring our carbon emissions closer to zero. Most of our carbon footprint comes from travelling to shoots, so where possible we use a cargo bike or other eco-friendly modes of transport. Our clients are primarily based locally, in and around Greater Manchester. It seems like such a simple thing, but makes a big difference over time.

Ben Horrigan standing in Media City with a cargo bike full of camera kit
Studio 91 is a silver Carbon Literate Organisation.

We’re committed to doing good for the planet in the following ways:

That, in a nutshell, is the Studio 91 Manifesto.

We don’t just want to make good video. We want to make video that does good. Good for people, good for platforms and good for the planet.