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For better or for worse, these days the screen is king. Video is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to connect with the people you want to reach. But let’s be clear – we’re not about shamelessly churning out clickbaity content. Instead, we’re on a mission to make video content that is good for the internet, good for people and good for the world. Keep reading to find out more about the video production services we can offer.

Documentary storytelling

We love partnering with impactful organisations to bring their stories to life. Whether you’re a charity doing amazing things for people and planet, or a business with a unique culture, we can help you tell the world all about it. Rather than just making things look pretty, we pride ourselves on a journalistic, documentarian approach to our films. That’s why we’re a trusted partner of the BBC.

If you’ve got an idea for a video production project that you’d like to bounce off us, please get in touch. We’re always happy to sit down and chat things through.

Our ongoing work with Tyler Grange, a UK-wide landscape consultancy, showcases their commitment to caring for people and the planet.

Video production for events and conferences

Conferences, exhibitions and other events go hand in hand with video content. We can help you bottle the atmosphere, share the key messages, and build hype for the next instalment. At Studio 91, we cover a broad range of events all over Manchester and beyond. Our event videography services are bespoke, high quality and friendly! You’ve worked hard to organise the event and get people to attend, so it makes sense to get as much content out of it as possible – from highlights videos to vox pop interviews to social media clips.

We’re wizards when it comes to turning edits around quickly. If you need a Day 1 highlights package ready to release by 4pm, no stress, we’ve got you! Our on-site editor will pull together excellent content in record time for your email campaign and social media.

We’re based a short walk from iconic Manchester venues like Manchester Central and HOME.

Education and training content

Two of our team have a background working in the BBC’s Children’s department. So it’s no surprise that we love working on content for kids. Usually that’s in the form of excellent digital video content for the likes of BBC Bitesize and BBC Teach. But we’ve also applied the same skills to training content for businesses.

We work with the client to write the scripts, film them, and craft the edited content. Most of that is done by our wonderful in-house team. Usually with educational content we will also draw on the expertise of freelance consultants, who can make sure everything lines up with the curriculum.

The look and feel can vary widely depending on budget and target audience. We might add gorgeous graphics and animated elements, for example. Other times we’ll strip it right back to basics – a presenter speaking to camera with some clean, simple on-screen text.

Presenters Mwaksy Mudenda and Greg Foot had great chemistry (sorry).

Drone videography

Thanks to modern drone technology, the sky is no longer the limit. Aerial videography is available as a standalone project, or as part of our wider video production services. When there are multiple camera operators on a shoot, one of them can switch between ‘normal’ shooting and drone flights. Our in-house aerial video skills are backed up by the CAA’s A2 CofC (Certification of Competency). That means we don’t just know how to get beautiful shots, we know how to capture them safely.

Drone footage can dramatically enhance just about any video project.

Contact us to find out more about any of our video production services.