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Everyone wants to “do” video

But nobody is quite sure why.

That's why every day we're bombarded with shallow video content that maybe entertains us for a few seconds, but then we forget all about it.

Studio 91 is a social video agency driven by purpose and impact, instead of chasing likes and views. We look for clients with inspiring, shareable stories, and simply help tell them.

We can produce regular high-quality video content faster and cheaper than a traditional studio, because each client is looked after by one dedicated multi-skilled creator. This is someone who can develop ideas, shoot, direct, edit and create bespoke graphics. Someone who knows your brand, your team and how video fits into your strategy, without the expense of hiring someone in-house.

The team

Our names are Ben and Ellie Horrigan. Ben set up the company after six years at the BBC, delivering digital content for flagship brands like Blue Peter and BBC News. Ellie is our part-time admin queen, alongside her day job and motherhood. We're based in Manchester and we work all over the UK for clients of all shapes and sizes.

We love working with purpose-driven organisations who understand the power of video content. If that's you, drop us a line.

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