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‘Ode to Manny’ – a love letter to Greater Manchester

We may be divorced from the sun, but we got soul in the prenup. Ode to Manny by Jamie Swaby One of our goals for 2024 was to make more space for the stuff that doesn’t pay the bills. The voluntary work and passion projects that excite us and flex our creative muscles. The stuff […]

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Manchester from the air

I’ve been playing around with the new Google Earth Studio, resulting in this pretty cool sequence. (If I do say so myself.) Google Earth Studio is an amazing tool that lets you create stunning animations using Google Earth’s incredible 3D aerial imagery. Featuring Manchester Town Hall, Beetham Tower, Media City, Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, Oxford […]

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The dad who went above and beyond

What do you do if your child’s storybooks don’t reflect who they are? Philip Robinson had this problem when he found that none of his daughter’s princess books matched up with her Caribbean heritage. Watch the video to see how he took matters into his own hands, writing and publishing his own book called Nia […]

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A poem for Baby Loss Awareness Week

A friend of mine asked me to help her create a video of her reading Judi Walker’s poem ‘Don’t Tell Me’ for a memorial service as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week. The words are simple but powerful, so I wanted the style to be as natural and direct as possible.