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The Only Way Is Prezzo

This promo video for Prezzo’s social media channels was a joy to make, and a relief to get finished after a hectic two-hour shoot. It stars Lydia Bright and her family, made famous by The Only Way Is Essex, who swapped family stories while tucking into a tasty dinner. The idea was to promote the idea of a good old-fashioned family dinner, of gathering around a table to enjoy great conversation over great food and drink. It all fits perfectly into Prezzo’s wider #ItalianGathering campaign.

The shoot itself was a serious feat of efficiency. I was hired by PR agency The Fourth Angel who had already nailed the brief and knew exactly what they wanted, which is always handy! But as we only had two hours of the Bright family’s time, there was a lot to get through. Especially since I was single-handedly filming, recording audio, positioning lights and directing the talent! It was also really important to Prezzo and the PR team that Lydia Bright and her family had plenty of time to enjoy their meal undisturbed, and had chance to share content on their own social accounts. The shoot worked because the PR team and I knew exactly what we needed to capture, and had planned out the most efficient way to get the various angles without having to move the lights after each shot.

In terms of the edit, again the PR agency had a specific look in mind; they wanted a slight soft focus effect with bold colours. The main platform for the video promo was Instagram, so it was important that this sponsored content would feel natural and native in that context.

This video was much closer to traditional scripted content than I’m used to; I’m more used to capturing actuality, i.e. moments as they happen. But a challenge is always good, and I definitely learnt a lot from the process. Plus it was loads of fun hanging out with this wonderful family and hearing some bizarre family stories!

By Ben Horrigan

I've been producing digital content since 2012, primarily for flagship BBC brands like Blue Peter and BBC News. Now I run Studio 91 Media, a video production agency on a mission: to create content that is good for platforms, good for people and good for the planet. When I'm not behind a camera, I can often be found playing cello at weddings or riding a three-wheeled cargo bike called Babs.