Joining up with businesses who want to Play It Green

Thanks to the wonderful people at Play It Green, we now have a climate-positive workforce. Through tips, discounts and tree planting, the Studio 91 team is being actively incentivised to make better choices for the planet. This is a really important step towards our goal of achieving Net Zero by 2025. That’s because if the whole team isn’t engaged, the company can’t make much of a difference.

It’s early days for our Play It Green tree garden, but before too long it’ll be a mighty virtual forest! 10% of our membership dues go directly to a good cause of our choice, so naturally we picked our friends and clients at St Ann’s Hospice.

If you take a look at our virtual tree garden, you can see how many trees we’ve planted. It shows the real-world impact on the planet, by comparing the CO2 saved with things like flights and cars. It’s really useful to see how even small actions help make a big difference to the fate of our world.

Ben and I met at the Better Business Summit in Manchester and it was clear our values aligned. I am really proud that he chose to join the Play It Green community of people and businesses making positive change.

The fact that Studio 91 is from Manchester creates an amazing feeling. Especially having been brought up and settled there myself.

Richard Dickson, Play It Green Co-Founder

As well as our wonderful tree garden, and the weekly email with eco tips and discounts, our Play It Green membership gives us access to their Net Zero framework, which will help us reach our 2025 commitment.

Our aim is to make video content that’s good for people, platforms and the planet. Here’s a reminder of what we’ve committed to in order to fulfil the ‘planet’ part of that:

We’re really proud to have joined this thriving new community. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to get your team more engaged in climate stuff, wherever your organisation is at on that journey.

By Ben Horrigan

I've been producing digital content since 2012, primarily for flagship BBC brands like Blue Peter and BBC News. Now I run Studio 91 Media, a video production agency on a mission: to create content that is good for platforms, good for people and good for the planet. When I'm not behind a camera, I can often be found playing cello at weddings or riding a three-wheeled cargo bike called Babs.