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10 main types of video content

We asked Will Wray-Lang, our Junior Video Producer, to distill the most important types of video that brands and organisations put out. Here’s a list of those types of content, and what makes each of them great.

Nowadays, the variety of types of video content marketing are growing exponentially! We are now able to jump between different mediums to create seamless video content that really appeals to different marketers and consumers.

If you are looking at ways to freshen up your brand or product and caught in limbo, check out these 10 main types of video content marketing that have had a great success across media platforms.

By 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos (a 19% increase from 2019).

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93% of companies claim they got a new customer because of their video content on social media.

Small Business Trends


Vlogs have become one of the main sources of short and long form video content that can be churned out on a regular basis. A very productive and positive type of content that can be motivating, educational and thought provoking. It can also be cost effective. The vlogger can document their experience on their phone for a few minutes and upload it to social media, with minimal editing.


A great medium that introduces companies or their products and services. Tutorial videos give the chance for a marketer to showcase their product/brand and how to use it efficiently. This type of video content kills two birds with one stone: stylistic video content and helpful to the consumer.

Brand Films

Brand films have a powerful purpose, to make the audience see the marketer’s vision and values, as well what the brand wants to create. This type of medium is amazing in really building an emotional attachment for the brand and can be done through storytelling, visuals and sound.


Here’s a really cool and incredibly creative medium. Animated videos are an amazing way for businesses to create stylistic content. Both big and small businesses can use the same tools and software to create this content. Animation videos can be a really productive example of explaining complicated subjects easily to the audience. They are an eye catching medium and easily understood. Just check out the video below.


Interviews are just as strong as ever and are becoming increasingly more creative, rather than the usually talking head videos we used to see. Just go and look at the way that Netflix uses techniques in interviews. Along with this, Q&As have become a dynamic source of interviewee content that is being released across all of social media platforms. 


Testimonial videos don’t only show off all the positives of your product/brand, they’re a great way to build trust and credibility with the consumer. A testimonial video can use marketers and consumers from the company to highlight to the audience the great journey they have had with the product or brand.

Live streaming

Live streaming video content is a great medium for marketers to showcase their human qualities to their consumer, which can have a great effect on their judgement of the product or brand.

Live streamers range from gamers and musicians, to lecturers and property investors. Live-streaming is a very raw and honest type of video content that allows for mistakes and realism. Very few types of video content can allow this.


Normally thought of as an audio medium, podcasts can be enhanced with video, opening up a range of new platforms and audiences. They allow for long form conversations between guests to discuss world subjects, personal lives, politics and more.

Podcasts are triumphant and have an overall impact on television news interviews. Consumers are now much less interested in the outdated television news content, as the entire production seems scripted. Podcasts have been the reason for this! They are genuine and rarely edited to have a negative impact on a certain character or subject just like live streams.

Video Documentaries

Very much a cross between brand films and educational videos, with a story-driven and creative style approach, video documentaries are a great type of video content to drive the consumer to engage more with the brand and product. They can have such a great emotional impact on the audience and leave them in awe, especially in the hands of a good cinematographer.

Thank you

A great type of video content that really does make the audience think twice about the brand. Thank you videos highlight the appreciation from the marketer to the consumer, or vice versa. They go a long way to have an emotional impact and can be very rewarding.

We hope you found this blog useful and can take away some information and creative ideas to put into your brand. There are many types of video content out there and these 10 types are dynamic and can set you apart from the rest, when done correctly. Let your creativity flourish, that’s what people want to see! If you are looking to create video content and interested in our video services, please get in touch with us. Thank you!

By Will Wray-Lang

I’m a video producer, wedding and events videographer and junior researcher with over 7 years of experience making digital content, including working with global brands such as BBC. I have a great passion for storytelling, producing videos, writing up blogs and inspiring campaign ideas. In 2017, I started my own company producing cinematic wedding films. In my spare time, you can find me involved in some sort of sport, playing football or going to the gym. If not I'll probably be on the internet purchasing more camera equipment…I know, I need to stop.