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How are brands using video on different social media in 2021?

There are so many outlets for video these days; YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, just to name a few. But what are brands doing differently on each of those platforms, and why? Let’s take a look at how some brands are using their social channels to really push unique original content.

Patagonia on YouTube

In 2021, Patagonia released a documentary video on their YouTube channel. The film is about the citizen-led community-energy movement in Europe and the visionaries lighting the way. Patagonia have launched a campaign to support community-owned energy across Europe.

Publishing this video on YouTube has proved successful, with over 299,000 views in just 8 days. The documentary is a perfect fit for YouTube as the video is long-form content. A video of this length might struggle on other platforms to get the same reach. The clothing brand can utilise its modern aesthetic style to attract its target market of young people.

Vessi on TikTok

Waterproof shoe designer Vessi decided to go bold and adventurous on TikTok with their brand. Instead of sitting back and leaving consumers to find out their effectiveness, Vessi went all out to show how much damage the products could take.

In their videos, Vessi shoes undergo ‘quirky’ testing from consumers jumping in puddles, to walking in dirt, to pouring wine, green beer and coffee on their shoes. And guess what, the shoes don’t suffer.

Snappy, self-shot and straight to the point, this type of content sits really comfortably on TikTok. The ‘wow’ factor of seeing the shoes in action gives viewers a reason to share the videos and to seek out the next Vessi experiment.


If you happen to spill green beer on your Vessi Weekends today… admire those dry socks & pop them into the wash😉🍀 #vessiweekend #stpatricksday

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Nike on Instagram

Nike have utilised the importance of promoting beautiful storytelling to their audience through their Instagram channel. The short-form video pieces use a variety of contributors, from household name Nike athletes and younger athletes starting in their career, to everyday people who wear Nike clothes. Through their content, the company promotes the importance of equality and diversity within the world of sport.

Nike’s video content on their Instagram channel isn’t to sell specific products, it is instead designed to make the audience feel part of the family. Note the minimalist use of text graphics, and the way the content is enhanced by audio without relying on it too heavily. It feels beautiful and cinematic, yet social native at the same time.

Mashable on Snapchat

With 11.4 million subscribers on Snapchat, Mashable targets a dedicated audience who are passionate about gadgets, smartphones and social media.

Mashable is the go-to place for the latest news on tech, gadgets and more. Their Snapchat distills their website content into quick, digestible stories. They stand alone, while also drawing users to the website to read more.

This is Engineering on Twitter

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shortfall in students pursuing a career in engineering in the UK. However, the #ThisIsEngineering campaign is seeking to combat this rising problem.

The campaign showcases video content of engineers speaking about their passion of engineering in areas like sport, technology, and design. And thanks to Twitter’s emphasis on discussion, the video content becomes a jumping-off point for engagement between students and the brand. The video content utilised on Twitter highlights a great way for an organisation to target an issue that is currently spreading across Britain.

Searchie on LinkedIn

Searchie is a recruitment platform based in Dubai. Searchie are a cool example of a brand using their LinkedIn page specifically to target their professional audience with a regular stream of video content released on their feed. The aim of the content is to give the company a strong reputation for being experts in the field of recruitment.

Searchie also offer LinkedIn live knowledge sharing sessions by exploring the opportunities and methods included in the broad subject of their space. Executives and leaders in their brand are regularly interviewed and their episodes are broadcast on a regular schedule.

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By Will Wray-Lang

I’m a video producer, wedding and events videographer and junior researcher with over 7 years of experience making digital content, including working with global brands such as BBC. I have a great passion for storytelling, producing videos, writing up blogs and inspiring campaign ideas. In 2017, I started my own company producing cinematic wedding films. In my spare time, you can find me involved in some sort of sport, playing football or going to the gym. If not I'll probably be on the internet purchasing more camera equipment…I know, I need to stop.