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What I have learned as a 24-year-old videographer

Over the last 7 years I have learned something… being a videographer can be mentally and physically demanding at times. From 12 hour shoots, to multiple complex pieces of equipment to monitor. From time management efficiency to creating relationships and developing personal skills with clients. From pre-production to post, the job of a videographer can be tough…but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As a young videographer, I have learned so much throughout my career and if I can give one important fact to the audience it is this… You will learn something new on every project you do, and sometimes it can be painful.

This is an incredibly important point that has helped me since I first picked up a camera. The reason for this is because videography can be a complex and demanding job and things can easily go wrong. SD cards can break, cameras can overheat, mics will rustle or audio can peak, lighting might not be perfect. Things can go wrong, so it is important to know this early on and be aware of it. Check out my 2014 showreel.

During my first few free jobs as a videographer, I began writing down the pros and cons of every shoot I would work on and how I could improve for my next shoot. This could be a simple thing from changing my f stop for a certain angle of shot, to working on my directing skills and being clearer to the client. I have found this incredibly useful for me over the years and has really helped me become a better videographer. Check out one of my videos from 2017 when I first started using my own equipment.

As a few years passed by, I learned more about equipment and the importance of purchasing the correct equipment to work with other kit. However I learned this pretty quickly, buying the best equipment won’t make you the best videographer. You need to learn how to use what you have got, don’t over complicate things. I really think this was important for me and made me wiser with my visual choices when working on a project.

I believe my creative speciality lies primarily in creating wedding films. I have learned most of my skills over the years, as I am filming a live event, something very different to a staged shoot. This can be both a pro and a con as I will need to be on the ball and have great time management skills. Over the years my skills within wedding videography have sculpted my video skills on other projects. The main 3 skills I have developed over these shoots would be time management, creative style and building a relationship with the client.

I often look at a day’s work and think of myself going into an auto-pilot mode, where I just focus on what needs to be done. I really find this freeing in some way. Please check out one my wedding films I made in 2019. I think my work has really has developed since my first showreel in 2014.

It is important to look at other videographers as inspiration, not as a threat. With this mindset I have been able appreciate other work out there and play with their styles in my own work. For example I watched 3 wedding videographers for years as I built up my portfolio.

As a videographer, I have learned the importance of being pro-active, pushing myself into filming content I haven’t done before. I really believe that making my own content requires many skills and develops my craft.

A last note from me, it is important to go easy on yourself. I am always aware of the things I need to work on, but that’s the exciting thing…to keep working and improving on my skills. One problem creatives all may be familiar with, we sometimes strive for perfection and fail to meet it and we end up not liking our work. That is the mystique of art. I remind myself to pick myself up and create more content. It may take patience but it will be worth it to look back at the art you have created.

I hope you found this personal blog insightful and motivational for anyone working in their own craft at an early stage in their career. Just remember to look at how far you have come already and keep on striving towards your goals.

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By Will Wray-Lang

I’m a video producer, wedding and events videographer and junior researcher with over 7 years of experience making digital content, including working with global brands such as BBC. I have a great passion for storytelling, producing videos, writing up blogs and inspiring campaign ideas. In 2017, I started my own company producing cinematic wedding films. In my spare time, you can find me involved in some sort of sport, playing football or going to the gym. If not I'll probably be on the internet purchasing more camera equipment…I know, I need to stop.